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Zero emission construction machinery

Groundbreaking development into zero emission construction machinery turn Norwegian building sites into world leading laboratory.

Together with customers, builders, municipalities, research organizations, partners and interest organizations, Nasta has developed new emission-free excavators. Public initiatives, funding and support programs have been crucial during this period.

2019 was a busy year with a lot of attention on zero emission construction machinery – in operation – or soon to be. Electric machines are still at an early stage of development, but at this point in time we at Nasta has delivered several different electrical machinery to the Norwegian market.  Companies that use or want to use electric construction equipment find that they are part of a groundbreaking experiment: No one has previously used this technology for these applications and at this scale. Everybody face challenges: Applying emission-free construction machinery at projects bring new sets of questions to be solved – for planners, builders, contractors and other

Nasta is proud to present some of the research projects:

The world’s largest electric track excavator for a construction site.

At Biri care center in Gjøvik municipality, there is a 38-ton electric track excavator in operation: ZERON ZE350LC. We believe it is the world’s largest electric excavator used on a construction site and intended to be moved from construction site to construction site.
Learn more about the project and the machine here:

ZE350LC (English version) »

ZE350LC (German version) »

The world’s first emission-free construction site.

The municipality of Oslo is a driver for emission-free solutions, also at the city’s construction sites. Being appointed European Environmental Capital 2019, it is fitting that the world’s first emission-free construction site started in Oslo the fall of 2019. In Olav Vs street and Klingenberg street operates a prototype of the electric 9-ton ZERON ZE85, along with a 17.5-ton ZERON ZE160LC electric excavator – the first to fully utilize the PeakShaver + power management system.   PeakShaver+ is a unique way to control power that allows large electric machines to cope with the power needed to run a machine that is half its size.

Learn more about the project and the machines here:

ZERON ZE85US-6 English »

ZERON ZE160US-6 English »

KlimaOslo about the project Olav Vs gate »

Information from Oslo municipality »

The research project «Zero Emission Digger

In the fall of 2019, a machine developed for general construction was assigned to tasks for Oslo Omsorgsbygg by the contractor Skanska. We are looking forward to showing the full results of the research project: In both the unique technology “PeakShaver +” and the smart solutions for managing electricity at construction site – both results of the research project “Zero Emission Digger”. The project is a collaboration between Oslo Omsorgsbygg, Bellona, ​​DIFI, Skanska, Sintef and Nasta. In addition with financial and academic support from the Research Council, Innovation Norway and ENOVA.

Zero emission recycling – from waste to resources

Along with the recycling contractor Ragn Sells, Nasta has worked on developing emission-free machines for their operations with transport, sorting and processing of waste from business and private. All waste is treated as a resource to be processed and the machines work indoors. Fast pace, tough availability requirements, stringent requirements for work environment and safety – everything must be spot-on when it comes to special Application Construction Machinery.

About Nasta AS – HSE and documentation.

Hitachi manufacture a series of specially adapted machines. To cater to even more unique requirements, Nasta Special Application manufacture adaptations and redesigns in a specially appointed facility in Larvik filled with skilled craftsmen and product experts. Nasta can solve special needs, whether hydraulic, electronic, mechanical or technical.  An in-house HSE department provide quality control and follow-up of necessary standards to secure documented safety.

Of course, special application projects are delivered CE-approved.

Do you want to learn more about zero emission machinery from Nasta?

See the presentation of the Zeron ZE350LC made by Nasta AS and learn more about the product and what we have to offer today and in the future to come!

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